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Key Information for Employers

"The 2 Questions"

The two most important questions an employer looking for missing workforce with the help of a recruitment agency/headhunter generally asks are:

  • 1. Will the headhunter be able to find the right person for us?

  • 2. What are the service terms and fees?

The following sections address these two questions as much as it is possible from a "distance".

1. Will we be able to find the right professional for you?

The compelling answer would be: "Yes, of course!", but without knowing the position sought and the precise parameters, we would rather describe general guidelines.

In the field of IT, some professionals may be found through vacancy announcements or in databases; however, in those fields where there’s a lack of professionals, such as developers (Java, .NET, etc.), a different approach is needed.

Experience shows that a qualified headhunter (by which we mean a person who can search and motivate potential candidates without using databases and announcements and is thus able to present candidates from a much bigger part of the market segment of that given profession) is able to work out channels and strategies on the basis of any request to reach the relevant professionals.

Such a headhunter is more likely to achieve results faster if he/she knows the market and specialization at hand. At the same time – without the proper professional background of headhunting – knowledge of the given profession may not necessarily be enough.

Our consultants have considerable methodological backgrounds in headhunting and have extensive search experience in the field of IT, thus it is likely that we will be able to successfully present candidates for the positions to be filled at your company.

Obviously, we do not have equally comprehensive knowledge in every field, and there are areas where deeper research may be necessary before initiating a search. Should that be the case, we will indicate this in our quote to you so that you may be able to consider it when choosing your partner.

Our most frequent searches:
  • Software developers (Java, PHP, .NET, iOS, Android,...)

  • Software testers (manual and automated)

  • System engineers, System administrators (Microsoft, Unix/Linux, Cisco, ...)

  • Database administrators and developers (Oracle, PL/SQL, ...)

  • IT Project managers

  • IT Managers

  • Business Analysts

  • IT Sales professionals

  • Embedded developers, hardware developers

2. What are the service terms and fees?

 Contingency fee: our contingency fee is calculated on a case-by-case basis, depending on the methods used and the circumstances of the search. Generally, our service fee is 12-20% of the yearly gross salary of the candidate recruited and/or a fixed contingency fee as per agreement.

 Warranty: we generally undertake a warranty of 3 months for the candidates we recruit. This means that should the recruited employee terminate the employment relationship in the first 3 months from the first day of work, or should you not be satisfied with the candidate and terminate the employment, then we recruit a new candidate for you free of charge.

The warranty may be enhanced on several individual points and may be tailored to your specific needs.

Should you like to have a warranty period of 6 months or more, we ask that you contact us in person as longer warranties can be offered in several, individually customized variations.

 Methodology: We apply the triad of databases, vacancy announcements and direct search (headhunting) as sources for finding potential candidates. The scarcer the given professional is to be found or the less accessible he/she is through databases and announcements, the more we use direct search methods to seek out candidates.

 If you are interested in trying our services, would like answers to your questions or wish to discuss a specific, individualized offer please contact us at the address or number below. We guarantee a response in one working day:

Zoltán Lehel managing director
Tel: (+36-20)/360-4470

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Other Questions

What is the profile of Valore Basis?

Valore Basis Ltd. is primarily engaged in IT headhunting, recruiting and provision of personnel, covering the complete process from seeking out candidates and their selection to the integration of such candidates. In addition to the use of our own and purchased databases and vacancy announcements, we mostly apply headhunting (direct search) when recruiting and seeking out candidates.

Are only IT professionals recruited?

Our main profile is IT headhunting, recruiting and selection. We have the most experience and extensive professional background in this field. Our searches include IT-related engineering areas as well. Of course, with the help of the methodologies listed above, we can successfully recruit professionals from other fields if needed. Details of this – together with our competencies in a given field – can be discussed and exact information provided during a meeting.

Are professionals recruited only for Hungary or to other countries in Europe as well?

We work together with both Hungarian and international partners, and recruit professionals to Hungary and abroad as well (mainly to Western European regions). If you are looking for a colleague in any of the European countries, please contact us regarding specific terms and search conditions.

Are aptitude and psychometric tests used during selection?

When necessary, yes. From time to time it may be useful in the selection process to ascertain the abilities of a candidate or the more hidden aspects of his/her personality, especially if managers or professionals for strategic positions are recruited.

Since most applicants have learnt how to “sell themselves” nowadays, tests are used as a different, objective starting point compared to the external, revealed image. The results are compared with the personal interview. This may reinforce or question the suitability of a given candidate. Whether the use of a test/selection tool is necessary depends on the position to be filled and the needs of the client. We are able to provide professional support and guidelines in this matter.

If the answer is "yes", upon agreement with the client, we recommend a suitable psychometric tool at one of our acclaimed partners, whether it is the examination of personality, attitude, a certain competence or transactional analysis (TA).

(i) The above are for information purposes only. Concrete terms are set out in the individual agreements in each case.

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